Mullein, Verbascum thapsus L.

Laura Vasilion

Mullein is an excellent herb for the respiratory system, it soothes and moistens your throat while helping to expectorate mucus from your lungs. Mullein starts out sprouting soft, lush green leaves and eventually the stalk will grow and flowers will bloom. The whole plant is covered in small hairs that make it feel incredibly soft. You can use the flowers, leaves, and root from this plant. 

For the past few months I've been preparing some dried leaves and flowers as tea and mullein starts to smell very green as it steeps but I found the flavor to be mild and even a little sweet. I use a cotton mesh tea bag to strain the tea, which is necessary in order to remove all the little hairs. You don't want them in your throat... trust me! 

Other names for mullein include: Lady's Flannel, Velvet Dock, Jupiter's Staff, and Blanket Herb. When in doubt, always check the botanical name!

dried mullein

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