Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Laura Vasilion

This is an easy tea that you can drink multiple times a day for uterus health and to ease menstrual cramping. I like to start drinking this tea the moment PMS hits and I drink it until my cycle is complete.

It's easy to make! Just boil water, pour over about 1-2 teaspons of organic red raspberry leaves, steep for 10 minutes and you're good to go! Drink this 3-5 times per day. This tea is naturally sweet but feel free to add a little bit of honey or stevia or whatever your preferred sweetner is. ** do keep an eye on how much sugar you put in your tea and try to drink it unsweetened whenever possible!


* botanical art by Pierre Redoute

If you are pregnant or going through any type of treatment that involves your uterus, consult with your doctor before ingesting new herbs! The information presented here is not intended to treat or cure any medical conditions. I am not a doctor. This is for educational purposes only.

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