Hello and welcome! I'm Laura Vasilion and I've been a practicing witch for over twenty years. I've combined my love of witchcraft, herbalism, and photography to create this Apothecary and I hope that you will find my products soothing for your soul. 

I am currently enrolled in an herbalism certification course and I'm excited to share this knowledge with all of you. I grow most of my own herbs and flowers and if I can't grow it, I order wholesale from a trusted, organic vendor. Every item in my shop is made with love, magick, and good intentions. I work with the current moon phases and use that energy to cleanse and bless everything I create. Because of this, it may take me a couple weeks to restock certain products!

I've been a portrait photographer for fifteen years and my focus is on creating tarot and fantasy portraits. If you are interested in collaborating with me, send me a message!

Please visit my contact page if you need to reach me!

Legal disclaimer~ My products are not intended to treat or prevent sickness or disease. Do not consume the contents of my witch bottles and vials.