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The Death card is one that many people fear because, as humans, we tend to see Death as the final end of life. In tarot, however, Death is not the end. Death tells you that it is time to let something in your life go, so you can make room for something new. 

Examine your life, release what's holding you back, and let yourself be open to new opportunities and experiences. 

To create this card, I asked my dear friend J. Koyanagi to model for me and I based the costume and concept around her Japanese heritage. Although I am using a female model, I see Death as gender-less and I will refer to them as such. Death appears in a white kimono with silver accents, their skin is pale, their face is painted. They are surrounded by the last rays of light in the hot summer sun. I commissioned the beautiful white kimono from my friend Vanessa who runs Creature of Habit. We shot this portrait outdoors on an unusually hot day in late September and even though the weather was not on our side, we had a lot of fun!

This photograph is available in two sizes and is printed by a professional photography lab. I examine and ship all prints myself.

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